Alternative Cars is a brand new magazine that showcases the very best the specialist car world has to offer, from the specials era via modern classics to the present day.

What does Alternative Cars magazine cover?
We’ve given a great deal of thought to defining the boundaries of what constitutes an ‘alternative car’. Some are an obvious shoe-in – anything made by the likes of TVR, Morgan, Lotus, Caterham and Noble are right at the heart of what we love. The same goes for Ariel, BAC and Ultima. But we also want to shine a light on some of the lesser-known British makers like Riversimple. Lotus is about as ‘mainstream’ as we’ll go.

Anything out of the ordinary, like the Lancia Hyena and Venturi Atlantique, are in our sights. Imports like Japanese kei cars are well within our remit, and so are off-piste offerings from mainstream car-makers. Past-masters like Marcos and Gordon-Keeble will be in the mix, too. There’s a core to what we’re about, but there will be some flexibility; we want the content of each issue to contain some surprises and show you cars you may never have heard of.

Just as important are the things we’ll be leaving out. We’re not at all fussed about keeping up with whatever the new McLaren is this week, and there’s already more than enough coverage about the latest BMW M cars and Mercedes-AMGs in the world so we’ll give those a miss too. Conversely, we will take an interest in Alpina and Brabus.

In short, Alternative Cars is the magazine we’d want to read, and one that we hope you’ll love too.

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